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The dawn of the quantum age is here. IonQ is developing quantum computers designed to solve the world’s most complex problems, and transform business, society and the planet for the better.

Founded on more than 25 years of pioneering academic research, IonQ is developing trapped-ion quantum computers, bringing this powerful technology out of the lab and into commercial, industrial, and academic applications. Ionized atoms are the heart of our quantum systems, and as a result, we believe our computers can perform longer, more sophisticated calculations with fewer errors than any quantum computer yet built.

Poised to be the first mover and a leading player in the quantum revolution, IonQ is deeply committed to expanding quantum access to more people in more places. We lead the market with the first and only quantum hardware integrated with all major cloud platforms, quantum programming languages, and quantum software developer kits, empowering people from all walks of life to solve real-world problems and optimization challenges across chemistry, medicine, finance, logistics, and much more.

With a business model aligned to rapid quantum market growth, an unparalleled technological advantage, and a deep history of quantum innovation and leadership, we believe we are well-positioned to lead the way forward as quantum computing changes the world.

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Meet IonQ Leadership

Why IonQ

Economy-Spanning Opportunity

Quantum computing is expected to change all industries, from farming to banking to logistics. Quantum computing has vast potential, with experts predicting a total addressable market of ~$65 billion by 2030.

Large and Growing Technological Advantage

We believe that our technology offers substantial advantages compared to other competing quantum computing systems, and that its technology is protected by a robust intellectual property portfolio. IonQ holds a wide array of patents for fundamental technologies core to quantum computing and holds exclusive licenses to patents issued to the co-founders’ academic labs.

World-Class Leadership Team

Our seasoned executive leadership team has deep expertise in quantum technology and includes leaders with experience from Amazon, Apple, Google, Nvidia, Meta, and Microsoft. Our commercial team is led by executives with decades of experience scaling and commercializing new technologies.

Industry-Leading Platforms and Partnerships

Quantum solutions using IonQ systems will be delivered directly and through strategic partnerships. Our systems are currently the only quantum hardware available on all of the leading cloud platforms, making the power of quantum accessible to all developers across industry and sectors.

Rapid Development

Since inception in 2015, IonQ has produced six generations of quantum computers. We believe our systems have a clear path to scalability, and expect to demonstrate modular quantum computers small enough to be networked together in a datacenter in just a few years.

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