Chris Monroe

Chris Monroe, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Chris Monroe is Chief Scientist at IonQ. Dr. Monroe is a world-renowned pioneer in quantum physics and the original inventor of the ion trap quantum computer. With David Wineland, he demonstrated the first quantum logic gate in 1995 at NIST, which contributed to Wineland’s Nobel Prize in 2012. Later, at the Universities of Michigan and Maryland, Dr. Monroe demonstrated the first ion trap on a semiconductor chip, pioneered qubit networking using photons, and developed ultrafast quantum gates for trapped ion qubits. He is a Professor of Physics and Electrical Computer Engineering at Duke University and a College Park Professor at the University of Maryland. Dr. Monroe is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee. Dr. Monroe is IonQ’s co-founder and has served as its chief scientist since September 2015.