Ariel Braunstein

Ariel Braunstein, SVP of Product

Ariel Braunstein is IonQ’s SVP of Product. As an experienced entrepreneur, Ariel brings extensive experience across diverse roles and technology areas, ranging from early startups to Fortune 100 corporations. Most recently, Ariel led Google’s Augmented Reality initiatives and prominent video technologies at YouTube. Prior to that, Ariel co-founded Pure Digital Technologies, which brought to market one of the most successful consumer electronics devices of its era - the Flip Video camcorder. Flip Video became a social phenomenon, selling over 7MM units in under four years, generating over $1B in revenue, and winning IDSA’s (2010) Design of the Decade Award. In 2009, Cisco acquired Pure Digital Technologies, and as part of the acquisition, Ariel became Cisco’s Head of Product for the newly founded consumer business, spearheading an $800MM product portfolio, including Flip, Linksys, and Pure Networks.